Photo Inspirations: Reflections!

Reflections always make for more interesting photos. Mirrors, shiny floors, windows, puddles… I need to remember to try and take more reflection photos! Here are a couple nice ones I found on Flickr, and one of my own also.

By aqualuna1 on Flickr.

By ~ umi ~ on Flickr

by me, on Flickr

By kurofune on Flickr


Dollism Plus!

I haven’t posted lately, because I spent last weekend at Dollism Plus in Buffalo, NY! I had an amazing time meeting lots of other BJD owners and hanging out with friends. It was really amazing to see an entire room full of doll-related vendors. I hung around the Dollheart booth a lot, but didn’t end up buying anything from them. I did come home with some doll clothes, a pair of Oscar eyes, and a new Nanuri 07 head! The room sales were fantastic.

They had beautiful, well done photo sets at the ‘Con. This is my Hujoo Sara.

The detail in many of the contest entries was amazing!

Dearmine had an adorable setup. My cousin ended up buying the little kitty in the back of this photo!

My Puki Puki. This little kitchen set was adorable!

Check out all of my photos here.

Photography Basics: Aperture

First in a series on basic photography knowledge. I’m no expert, but will do my best to explain things as I understand them!


So, aperture. Many doll and action figure photos, especially portraits, have a sharp subject in front of a blurred-out background. It’s a pretty professional look, right? You get that by using a wide aperture.

So what is the aperture? The aperture is the opening that lets light into the camera. The size of this opening determines how much light gets in the camera, and also determines the depth of field. “Depth of field” means “how much of the photo is in focus”. A bigger opening means shallower depth of field – less of the image is in focus. A smaller opening means a deeper depth of field – so more of the image is in focus.

Aperture is measured in F-stops, and here’s where it gets a little odd. It took me forever to understand how the numbering worked, until I started thinking of it in gauge… like gauge of wire thickness, or in earrings or plugs for those stretching their ears. The smaller the number, the thicker the wire or bigger the plug. Aperture works like that too. Small numbers mean big openings, big numbers mean small openings. So F1.7 is a wide aperture letting in lots of light and giving you a shallow depth of field. F22 is a teeny opening letting in very little light, and a lot of the photo is going to be in focus.

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Posing: A helpful link!

While dolls can’t do all the poses a person can do, and many action figures and other toys are even more limited in their posing, I still find that looking at commonly used poses for people can be a good inspiration.

I found this article over on Digital Photography School Рthe whole site is a good resource, but this one is a nice list of links to posing tips. And it uses a collage of Puki Puki photos as an example!

My Puki Puki needs restringing or at least tightening, but she can still do the infamous Puki Handstand: